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 Ssshhhh !! Can you keep a secret a Secret?

Elvis is Alive in Australia.The King of Rock' and Roll

never really died but living and hiding incognito

in the land down under ...

Rock where AC-DC grew up around the corner

to Love ballads, travel to the country music capital

Tamworth, the blues festival at Byron Bay

with some Honey rollover and Lettuce on Top


with a Zany comical Twist....

Swaggy is a musically dynamic songwriter

from Sydney, Australia.
His music travels throughout the world

for Radio Austral a worldwide spanish latin network.
The album songs range in genres from

Rock to country,

R&B,latin,comical to todays pop music.....
with singers such as "The Bearded Pelvis"

the latin satin "Marcela" and the acclaimed Trudy Newell

with The Guru and his Psycho Self ..
So enjoy a Honey Rollover and Lettuce on Top

and start having a laugh today!!

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